Our cabins are constructed using the ancient Finnish method of log cabin construction; the basis of which is the system of interlocking walls.

Designed for its strength, we use 34mm T&G boards for the walls and 19mm x 95mm T&G ceiling boards. No internal lining is required. We apply R3 Anticon for the roof insulation and roof beams are 135mm x 34mm T&G.

All our rooves and gutters are Colorbond and we offer a comprehensive range of colours. All our cabins come standard with Double French doors, 2 double windows and additional doors and windows are available if required.

The floor is Yellow or Green Tongue so no matter what your choice of finish (carpet, cork, tile, floating floor etc) this gives you the perfect base.

Our log cabins are made from Nordic timber. Nordic timber maintains a high indoor air quality, so our cabins suit even the most allergenic customers. All our product comes from FSC Certified Forests. Our designs ensure versatility and adaptability to any terrain, with the timber creating an appealing and inviting space.

All of our cabins can be built to different levels of certification depending on your requirements.

For example, one of our biggest sellers, the 5×5 Moreton cabin, can be built as a Class 10 Domestic Shed or a Class 1 Habitable Building.

When upgrading to a Class 1 Habitable cabin, the main additions are studding out or framing out internally, adding insulation, recladding the walls and adding the electrical package (including a compulsory Smoke Alarm).All our prices are based on 100km from Brisbane GPO (not including Bay Islands). Other areas P.O.A