If you need extra space you’ve come to the right place

We love building log cabins

As many of us have been spending more time at home and changing the way we work and live, the challenge has been how can you incorporate your need for space in a time efficient and cost-effective way. Get a log cabin!

We love making extra space for you quickly and at a good price. And did we mention how good they look?

With our log cabins, you know exactly what you will get, when you will get it and where you will have it built. It really is that easy.

Our log cabins can provide you with attractive, flexible spaces at very affordable prices.

From backyard options such as home offices, Granny Flats, kid’s retreats, she-sheds, man caves and studios to fully self-contained accommodation on acreage, or even caravan parks accommodation, we build the log cabin for you and you can personalise it to make it your own.

In contrast to home renovations often costing six-figures, we can supply a fully self-contained retreat for a fraction of the cost of home renovations.

We are a family-owned company that have been building cabins for over 10 years. We have built hundreds of cabins in many different locations, from backyards to acreage to beachside. Our experienced team can provide you with your own cabin in just a few days, depending on your requirements.

*Please be aware due to COVID and a surging demand for our cabins we are currently experiencing a minimum 7-8 month turnaround time.

Our pricing

We’ve structured our pricing with escalating options and with the emphasis on the open plan option where we build the shell and you do the fit out. This is the best value for money option.

CLASS 10 – The cabin wall on a class 10 option only has a “single skin” and this option is more for storage, hobbies room etc. It is not permissible to live in or work from.

CLASS 1 “OPEN PLAN” – The next level is Class 1 “open plan”. These cabins walls are studded out and insulated to form a second skin. This option is ideal for a home office, additional bedroom / guest space / multi use room. It has power points and smoke alarms installed as standard and you can add an air conditioning unit. On the larger cabins (Fitzroy size and up) you may want to add an internal room with a privacy window so you can then fit out an ensuite at a later date. The only additional unknown cost is connecting the cabin’s electrical sub board (the cabin sub board is included in your pricing) to the house’s mains sub board. This cost varies from site to site and each job is quoted separately. Customers can choose to use their own electrician for this connection if they so wish.

FULLY FITTED “TURN KEY” – The next option is a fully fitted cabin. This a class 1 cabin that we add full ensuite including tiling and water proofing, showers, toilets vanity etc and a kitchenet/wet bar (sink, drawers, overhead cabinets, bar fridge space etc). This is what we call a “turn key” option where we do the full fit out. The only additional unknown costs are connecting the cabin’s electrical sub board (the cabin sub board is included in your pricing) to the house’s mains sub board and connecting your plumbing to the house’s infrastructure. These costs vary from site to site and each job is quoted separately. Customers can choose to use their own electrician and or plumber for these connections if they so wish.

With all our class 1 options the state government has introduced new legislation that impacts our product directly. They are; (a) that we need to install wireless smoke alarms in every cabin that have the ability to be interconnected with your primary dwellings smoke alarms and (b) if you don’t have solar on your property you have to instal a minimum 1kw solar system. To negate this, we can extend our decks and awnings out to 2m and add an external fan.

  • Council Approval?

    No worries, it’s included in the price.

  • Quality Finishings

    Quality finishings

    All our cabins come with a 1.5m treated pine deck, steel stingers and hardwood treads.

  • Steel Posts

    Steel posts included

    75mm x 75mm x 4mm steel posts with vertical tops and base plates

  • Nordic Timber

    Nordic Timber

    All of our cabins are made from Nordic timber. Nordic timber maintains a high indoor air quality, so our cabins suit even the most allergenic customers.

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All our product comes from FSC Certified Forests. Our designs ensure versatility and adaptability to any terrain, with the timber creating an appealing and inviting space.